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Commercial Spaces to Lease

With the first 25 floors of the building made available for offices, much thought and preparation has gone into their design and planning to make them fit for doing business.

This includes 16 high-speed lifts dedicated to the office floors, providing a wealth of accessibility options. Of these 25 floors, Emirates REIT owns the majority, 17 to be precise. We offer a number of options to prospective tenants, from a fully furnished, quaint, 50 m2 (538 sqft) office to a shell and core full floor spanning over 2,000 m2 (22,000 sqft), offering flexibility and value to whatever the businesses have in mind. Index Tower caters to most types of businesses and is suited for many different applications. Whether large or small, your needs are met and are tailored to maximize value generation. Substantial parking spaces are available to lease, allowing a smooth flow and accommodation for all tenants in the building. For those in a rush, a valet parking service is provided, meaning that no matter the time, easy access to Index Tower is constantly provided. Designed to maximize flexibility and create value, the service charges incurred by businesses are kept transparent and streamlined, with tenants only paying the necessary costs, nothing more. The availability of commercial space is in high demand, with businesses recognizing that Index Tower is a practical and worthwhile location to do business. Pre-leasing options are already in place to ensure that all tenants are given a location that matches all of their requirements. Not only is it rare to find, but having single ownership is highly beneficial to many companies seeking to do business in Dubai, and leasing from Index Tower brings just that. Laws, rules and regulations can change dramatically in some locales, however, with single ownership this is kept to a minimum, with straightforwardness given at all times.

Section floors

Level 05-06 Offices - 50m2 to 80m2

The first of our many tenant options allows individual tenants to conduct businesses in a minimum space of 50m 2 (538 sqft) that can fit 7-8 people.

A cosy environment like this is built especially for small businesses and budding startups, the proximity allows relationships to be formed from the start and can foster creativity and repertoire over time.

Each office contains space for a number of workstations and a separate manager’s office as well as large glass panes that offer an abundance of natural sunlight throughout the day. Complementing this is a common reception, allowing tenants to have a true representation feel, a shared ‘sky café’ and common areas for staff to socialize, hold informal meetings and rest during long working hours. Meeting r